ink for thought: 11.09

Thursday, 19 November 2009

for what is in a name...

there is great potential in words. within them lie the power of life and death. with them we attempt to capture the truest essence of a thing, animate or otherwise. we draw them from the clear air and form the corporeal stuff of the everyday.

it is with appreciation for this that I want to thank my parents. though they have never explicitly taught me this from their example I have gleaned much.

you see, I am named for the ancients, named for the numberless stars and mysteries secreted within the bowels of the earth. born of a time unfettered by memory, before forgetting begun. carved into walls of archaic tombs and murmured in awe struck reverence by the wise and uninitiated alike. long before the advent of script and spoken by drums over miles it was a title, to be earned, an honour, to be bestowed and a reputation not easily garnered.

for me it has been a responsibility and a burden but also a challenge. and while I may at times fail spectacularly, I thank my parents for the initial faith they showed.