ink for thought: 09.11

Saturday, 3 September 2011

mr. what if?

what if the stars above us were dreams waiting to be borne?
what if the cosmos held its breath with stomach taut anticipation, eager preparation for the breadth of your imagination that will bring futures into being?

what if we look too hard for the silver lining?
what if in our pursuit of the best in every situation we lose sight of the magnificence of the cloud that brought us there, the cloud filled to the brim with life giving waters and soul cleansing streams?

what if we didn't let pain cripple us?
what if we saw through our pain and turned our tears into the healing balm that our neighbour so desperately needs?

what if we lived in a world where people loved?
what if with every life we touched we shared value, we communicated importance, we left a finger print of care?

what if dreams, food for our souls, and love were all we needed to truly live?
what if you were that for me and I for you?

would I then be enough?

....what if?