ink for thought: 06.09

Thursday, 25 June 2009

only human...

we are children of the impossible. sprung full grown, like athena, from the fount of what could be. we are nothing but potent portents of that which is yet to come. at all times the best and worst of all that has been. our dreams speak mysteries into the deep, drawing, etching, bending reality to our will.

we are the children of the tomorrow. our very lives the playthings of flickle fate, faces fresh and hearts full we brave the unknown each day in search of the simplicity and structure found only in the mundane whilst we pine for the excitement that lies solely within the realm of the surreal.

we are the echoes of destiny. formed of the original substance, that creative spark, we are constantly seeking that indelible mark, that which sets us aside, individual, indivisible, uncommon conformity for which we are named,

we are only human.

Monday, 1 June 2009

pondering blues

I am blue
blue like the moodiest shades of miles,
laid heavy over the melancholy tones of holiday.

blue like purest sapphire soaked in a cloudless autumnal night.
nights, blackened navy, untainted by celestial jewels.
I am blue.

this blueness, drawn from deeper wells of being,
not like the violent reds of anger, demanding attention
or radiant yellows of bliss, glowing for the benefit of many

it is an introspective blue, a contemplative hue, simple and understated,
I am blue.