ink for thought: pondering blues

Monday, 1 June 2009

pondering blues

I am blue
blue like the moodiest shades of miles,
laid heavy over the melancholy tones of holiday.

blue like purest sapphire soaked in a cloudless autumnal night.
nights, blackened navy, untainted by celestial jewels.
I am blue.

this blueness, drawn from deeper wells of being,
not like the violent reds of anger, demanding attention
or radiant yellows of bliss, glowing for the benefit of many

it is an introspective blue, a contemplative hue, simple and understated,
I am blue.


M.J. said...

I see you are taking full advantage of your introspective blues with some creative writing good for you.

I'd say, I am red, not angry red, but passionate red.

joe ordinary said...

I wanted to talk about passionate reds. but I felt I might be dragging it out too much

M.J. said...

You can do a whole colors series of poems!

joe ordinary said...

I actually kinda like that idea. it's something I'll explore as I go on.

Kelvin Oliver said...

Hey friend! Been a few days since we chatted. I hope you are having a good weekend. Blue is a nice color though red is my favorite color; however, this poem is still nice. It is amazing how a poem is written and can be broken down to show feeling and how all the elements can be written together to create a poem.

shansPLC said...

Your poem accurately describes blue as a color and as a state of being. It's beautiful. I'm always so moved by your words when I stop by your blog. Thanks for that. I tagged you in my blog. Please check it out when you have time.

joe ordinary said...

thank you shans, and thanks for the tag. a little sad but I'm really having trouble putting together a list of 10 things that everybody doesn't know already. :(

joe ordinary said...

hey kelvin, glad you liked it expect more colours...coming soon...just as soon as I find my crayola set.