ink for thought: 12.08

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

the chains that free

up in the middle of the night thinking about the things that keep us alive.

ask a scientist and they will tell you about the various biochemical reactions taking place every single moment of our lives, our cells in a constant cycle of birth, functional use and death then rebirth (a mini life cycle of sorts). leading eventually to a lack of function and ceasation of existence.

enquire of a philosopher and they may propose that it is in fact our continued ability to ask that very question that defines us and establishes our link with the rest of all that is. all that is of course being nothing more than an extention of ourselves and an extrapolation of all we are able to conceive.

for the cynic all of being is naught but a trick, a slight of hand, the wool drawn over the eyes of the willingly deceived. and the optimist, optimistically embracing with childish innocence, bearing being with leviety and grace not knowing it is that which forms the sedimental foundations of skepticism.

there are economists who hold fast that we a merely products of a system, here to facilitate the propagation and continued functioning of said system until we are no longer needed, they are commonly known as spiritual.

but sitting here holding all that is life, all that is potential it occurs to me. we are held in this world by those who love us. like an invisible web, trapping us, securing us, mooring us and founding us. we are held fast by those who care. complex tapestry, woven through time and tears binding us to one another, forming so much of what makes us human. these are the ties that bind, these are the chains that set us free.

Monday, 8 December 2008


I have a very simple philosophy about life. life measured in time, in increments of seconds, grouped in minutes, forming moments, differentiated by hours, days, weeks and years. it really is that simple. when I commit my time to something I give it value. I give it the value that I would otherwise believe my life is worth. therefore, to give an object your time is to bestow on that object an import that speaks of your own self esteem. ergo, when I give a person my time I would hope they realise that I have said that my life is worth more for having invested some of it with them.

and finally, when I give a company my time in exchange for money, by pre arranged contractual agreement, I expect that paltry sum to be delivered as agreed. no amount of money can ever truly recompense one for the loss of time, for life is not measureable in pounds and pence, dollars and cents. but really? how hard is it not to be a complete and utter moron?

a fair trade?

I sat at home this weekend admiring the wonder that is employment. it seems that I have finally found a job that allows me to be home before 5.30 every evening. it's amazing. I've never lived in such luxury. the down side of this though is the staggering incompetence of those holding the purse strings means that I must content myself with working for free....

so it might be slave labour, but the hours are good.

Monday, 1 December 2008

pimps, ho's and hustlers

I'll admit it straight up, look you in the eye and tell you how it is. sure, I've worked the game, no shame in it. damn, we all done stuff we ain't proud of. at the end of the day business was did and bills were paid.

operating out of my corner 'office' under street lamp, clientele hailing from every walk, servicing needs with no judgement. I'm coming out and saying this now 'cause recently there's a lot of misunderstanding about how this whole 'ho' show works.

people need to realise that once you're on the inside you got somebody to answer to. just like any other so called profession. so when everything gets all twisted, government steps in with new rules and whatnot, it's only the man on the front line that feels it.

hell, that's why I dropped out. I was working every hour God sent, making a pile and taking home a percentage. living for the next meal, getting skinny while bosses get fat. reeling them in by the dozen, sometimes 20+ a day, and nada to show for it. taking all the risks getting little to none of the benefits. well, people, that wasn't for me.

so yeah, I left banking. had to be done, just had to be done.