ink for thought: pimps, ho's and hustlers

Monday, 1 December 2008

pimps, ho's and hustlers

I'll admit it straight up, look you in the eye and tell you how it is. sure, I've worked the game, no shame in it. damn, we all done stuff we ain't proud of. at the end of the day business was did and bills were paid.

operating out of my corner 'office' under street lamp, clientele hailing from every walk, servicing needs with no judgement. I'm coming out and saying this now 'cause recently there's a lot of misunderstanding about how this whole 'ho' show works.

people need to realise that once you're on the inside you got somebody to answer to. just like any other so called profession. so when everything gets all twisted, government steps in with new rules and whatnot, it's only the man on the front line that feels it.

hell, that's why I dropped out. I was working every hour God sent, making a pile and taking home a percentage. living for the next meal, getting skinny while bosses get fat. reeling them in by the dozen, sometimes 20+ a day, and nada to show for it. taking all the risks getting little to none of the benefits. well, people, that wasn't for me.

so yeah, I left banking. had to be done, just had to be done.

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