ink for thought: time

Monday, 8 December 2008


I have a very simple philosophy about life. life measured in time, in increments of seconds, grouped in minutes, forming moments, differentiated by hours, days, weeks and years. it really is that simple. when I commit my time to something I give it value. I give it the value that I would otherwise believe my life is worth. therefore, to give an object your time is to bestow on that object an import that speaks of your own self esteem. ergo, when I give a person my time I would hope they realise that I have said that my life is worth more for having invested some of it with them.

and finally, when I give a company my time in exchange for money, by pre arranged contractual agreement, I expect that paltry sum to be delivered as agreed. no amount of money can ever truly recompense one for the loss of time, for life is not measureable in pounds and pence, dollars and cents. but really? how hard is it not to be a complete and utter moron?

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