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Monday, 23 February 2009

behold, the mighty mediocre...

just sat through push, the latest offering from the good folks that brought us such unforgettable fare as lucky number slevin in years past. 

I'll keep this brief. I really wanted to enjoy this film. it had all the ingredients to make it brilliant. the plot was interesting enough and the actors weren't too shabby (admittedly some were better than others but the average was fairly....passable). I guess it just goes to show that even after you throw all the right elements together it doesn't guarantee a success. almost every scene seemed packed with potential and almost every scene managed not to capitalise on this. a perfect example would be the scenery. the film is based in hong kong and not a single shot truly captured the electric charisma that is so characteristic of that great port city.
can't give this uninspired 111 minute jaunt through hk's lesser known back streets more than a disappointed 5/10. could've been better, should've been better but fell short of satisfying. all it needed was one last push.

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