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Thursday, 30 April 2009

I believe

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog once again. I thought now would be a good time to share with you some of my closely held beliefs. I believe that a dozen affirmations will never outweigh the initial disdain, that's what therapy is for. I believe that time doesn't heal all wounds, it simply places the pain in cold storage until a more inconvenient time. I believe that SimCity is a gate way drug leading eventually to much harder substances, like World of Warcraft, think about it. I believe all we need is love...and food. I believe worse things happen at sea. I believe that meat is murder, tasty, tasty murder. I believe in magic and unicorns and fairies and whatever else makes my god daughter smile. I believe that experience is the best teacher but the courses are often too expensive. I believe there are people who genuinely don't want you to be happy, they work in banks. I believe my goldfish are the best pets in the world, they live outside and are almost completely self sufficient. I believe ma-ti was useless as a planeteer and panthro didn't have to be blue. I believe a society, such as ours, so steeped in celebrity and the pursuit thereof is bound to breed disillusionment and despair. I believe ken lee is an instant classic.


originally posted on 'organised chaos' 3rd september 2008


M.J. said...

Thanks for sharing....I am with you on this one: "I believe that a dozen affirmations will never outweigh the initial disdain." The ability to forgive is a virtue, but some acts are simply unforgivable.

joe ordinary said...

ooohh....forgiveness...simple in theory, insanely complex in practice. not 100% sure about unforgivable acts though.

Borah said...

Yeah, oxygen is overrated!

joe ordinary said...

highly so...without love and food oxygen is just a means to prolonging boredom.

Anonymous said...

"I believe that experience is the best teacher but the courses are often too expensive" Love that line.

adastarr said...

'A dozen affirmations...'for get therapy, too expensive it's all about self worth and value to wash away the transient? after taste.

Time itself doesn't heal wounds, it's what you do in that time as an individual that either exacerbates the pain or diminishes it.

I concur I don't believe in murder but when it's all up on my plate looking oh so appetising, what can I do? :)

God daughters and the like keep it pure and remind us of what things could/should be like?

As for those courses run my experience...I'd like to say that I'd lost my notes! I tell a lie having been able to come through intact is a miracle in itself and that is worth something

Kelvin Oliver said...

I remember my pet goldfish. I like to see the fish in the stores. You have a unique style of writing. It's good to tell others what you believe because it allows use to see another person's perspective and it shows that we are alike, but differ in our own ways.