ink for thought: parting

Friday, 10 July 2009


a knot in my chest. a lump in my throat. lips pursed on the cusp of trembling and a tear on the verge of fullness.

clouds weeping like saddened angels on the day of rebellion. sky shuddering under the weight of thunderous sobs yet to be born. shards of lightening providing momentary glimpses into the sorrow.

a knot in my chest. a lump in my throat. a hole in my heart.



M.J. said...

Strong imagery in few words. I like how you repeated the style of the first line at the end of the poem.

Kelvin Oliver said...

Seems like someone died or it could be something gone that has been missing from life. Nice poem. I don't think I could never write anything like this. Well, unless I actually sit down and TRY, try and try.

Afro jellybaby said...

outstanding work Joe; and agree with m.j.: very effective use of words