ink for thought: time

Thursday, 28 January 2010 time

if in our time I could teach you one thing,
if I could speak this into the heart of your being and
sew this truth into the fabric of your self

I would this one thing impart.

in all your getting, get patience
learn to wait with forbearance
and bide time with grace.

in all your taking, take endurance
for the race is not given to the swift or
the strong but one who with tolerance for hardship
completes it all

in all your growing, grow fortitude.
see the beauty deeply rooted in anticipation,
the glories to be found in silent meditation.

more is grown under duress than in plenty
and more is to gain from contemplative stillness
than ever a flurry of activity could achieve

we are built for eternity you and I.
and thus a time for everything
and everything
in time.


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful joe.

M.J. said...

Agreed. Truly inspirational.