ink for thought: what's your poison?

Saturday, 25 September 2010

what's your poison?

I'm sure we've all heard it said and many of us have said it ourselves, 'I can't think yet, haven't had my morning coffee' but what does that mean?

as a non coffee drinker I must confess that I am perplexed and just a little concerned about the freeness with which we, as a society, accept this drug dependency. because at the end of the day, isn't that what caffeine is? are we not medicating ourselves to make reality more palatable? and what does that say about us and our ability to live in the real world if we are only able to competently interface with it under the influence of a stimulant?

that got me thinking...why fuss about caffeine when there are harder substances out there? why fuss about tea and coffee, deeply engrained in the history and culture of many ancient nations, when society and humanity itself is under the attack of much more virulent forms of drug addiction? but that's just my point.

addiction is addiction. the inability to live and function without the aide of some sort of crutch, be it caffeine, glucose, adrenaline, nicotine, opiates, amphetamines or even the staggering array of behavioural addictions, to only gently scratch the surface of our neurosis, is what really causes me some despair for us as humanity. are we so poorly prepared for living and it's stresses that we are forced to create these buffers between our lives and our living? have we always been thus ineptly equipped? and is there a cure?

it bares pointing out given the definition of addiction religion is not exempt. some would argue, using sweeping generalisations, that the beneficent nature of most religions, the morality and ethos they preach and oft times inspire should discount them from such a label. as if the addictive nature of a thing, by association, makes it a bad thing. but, if we take a step back and dare to be completely honest, what is religion if not a crutch for the soul and an addiction of the heart?

so that brings me back to the original question. it's not about whether or not you have an addiction, for it seems clear that we humans cease to behave rationally without one (oh the irony), but what is your addiction? what does it do for you? does it simply get you through the day or does it compel you to something better?

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Afro Jellybaby said...

interesting topic joe. i do agree that if we are honest we each do have some form of coping mechanism to get through this life.
My habits/addictions have evolved around my lifestyle. As a student, i developed a workaholic nature which i guess sorted of validated my existence...
As a working woman, i'm not only a workaholic but also add coffee/tea to my daily routine. now the thing with me is that caffeine doesn't work on matter how many cups of coffee/caffeine-infused tea i drink, i will sleep if i'm tired. i also recently discovered non-caffeine tea and find myself drinking alot more of that through my day. so it's more of a comfort thing. holding that warm cup in my hand each morning/or at any point in my day does something to boost my morale.

it is quite sad that our lives have evolved around these various "drugs"; only more evidence of human frailty