ink for thought: Deep down inside

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Deep down inside

Apparently I talk a lot. I'm not sure why.
Once I start there's always a compulsion to keep going...and going...and going.
Bubbling up within me, like a constantly growing, slowly emerging, overwhelming...thing

I know deep down inside there are things I really want you to know.
The things that make me tick,
The colours that flash brilliantly, crystalline clear when I think of you,
But reduce to blubbering nonsense when I open my mouth

I want you to know that the sound of your laugh
Is food for my spirit, light to my soul
The world to me.

There's a part of me I want desperately to share with you.
I can almost hear the clock ticking,
My time running out.
We are finite and our moments fleeting
But know this,

While my tongue may struggle to form the words
Deep down inside my heart does not falter
And I will never let go of your hand

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