ink for thought: considering tomorrows

Saturday, 15 November 2008

considering tomorrows

here I sit, considering tomorrows.

the middle of the night, it seems fitting. life hurries by at 60 minutes per hour. barely have I become acquainted with the moment before it is gone and in it's place a new one born, and the dance begins anew.

it seems though, that every now and then it serves to consider tomorrows. so here I sit. and I have to admit, from here it looks pretty grim. but that is the beauty of slowing down, appreciating the ride as it progresses, though grim, it is not unavoidable.

'I live in dreams' someone more romantic than me once said that. and I agree. now is the time to dream, to prepare, to idealise and to be free. I dream in the technicoloured frenzy of the 'now' so that my futures may not be so grey.

so, take a moment, come sit with me, and consider your tomorrows but thred lightly, for dreams are afoot.

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