ink for thought: pondering yesterdays

Monday, 4 January 2010

pondering yesterdays

here we find ourselves,
toes dipped in the streams of time,
forever flowing from eternity past
into the eternal to come.

here we sit,
astride the lumbering behemoth,
named Present,
stalking the elusive Future
forging History with every ponderous step.

my friend,
a word to the wise is sufficient,
and a seed planted in season will bear fruit.
like cool water on cracked lips
and warmth of heart and hearth
is guidance to those attuned to
discernments whisper.

let tomorrow not be clumsily crafted
by ignorance
hearts turned by disillusionment
our roads paved with fear
and our streets lined with anger and it's offspring

pondering yesterdays,
let us learn from where we have been
so that we may grow into the better thing

"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid"
~ Benjamin Franklin


Anonymous said...

Very apt message for the new year. We can only pray for the wisdom and/or power of discernment to glean the right messages from our ponderous steps of yesterday that we may journey well into that better thing

M.J. said...

Your poem--this phrase especially, "let tomorrow not be clumsily crafted
by ignorance"--calls to mind the people I know who never seem to learn from their mistake. The ones who wind up in unhealthy relationships time and time again. The ones who have long been independent adults, yet blame their childhood for everything wrong in their lives.

shansPLC said...

absolutely beautiful :)