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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Honest Scrap

In a bold step out of familiar territory I'm going to take up this challenge thrown down by the truly sublime shansPlc. I know it's an award but when you're as bereft of original, vaguely interesting facts, as I am....believe me, it's a challenge. Having said that, this is my first award, I am honoured to receive it and would encourage all and sundry to head over to the word and follow the unfolding story. don't be a lazy bum like me and end up reading the whole thing backwards, go back and read from the start.

I've been told that it works like this:

1) Tell your readers 10 things that are true that they might not know
2) Tag 10 other bloggers to do the same

with no further ado...

1) growing up I almost never walked in straight line anywhere and would invariably find every ditch and gully to walk in or insects to chase and animals (cows and such) to harass along the way.

2) despite what I may have said before, my earliest memory is of my faded and peeled red tractor that I part owned with my brother when we lived in our parents first home.

3) in the summer of 1990 I was almost shot by the paramilitary force that had taken over the government for breaking curfew.

4) when young I was fond of all animals. until a cat bit me....I bit it back.

5) I mask my insecurities with bravado and eloquence. I've done it for so long I don't know who people like more, me or the face I show them.

6) growing up I was always compared to my father because we are almost identical in facial features and, surprisingly, mannerisms.

7) I used to spend hours watching the tumble dryer in my basement, working out the number of cycles based upon the rotation of the particular item I was focussing on.

8) the high standards I demand of myself and the fear my insecurities foster cripple me from attempting many of the things I aspire to.

9) I would love everyone a lot more if I could just figure out how to love myself.

10) if you've read all of these and believe them to be true, you know more about me than most people I've known all my life.

and now for my tags:

1) Afro jellybaby at a road less travelled

4) Moonjava at Moonjava's Muse

5) John at Joh Blogs

6) lainee at got ice cream?

8) Jenn at Free and Flawed

10) little erin at erin uncensored


shansPLC said...

thank you for your kind words. really powerfully scrap...especially the honesty and vulnerability you display when you say 'I mask my insecurities with bravado and eloquence. I've done it for so long I don't know who people like more, me or the face I show them' strikes a chord with me as I too often question how many different faces I have and who do people really know and for that matter who do i really know.

John Boy said...

I'm not sure I should thank you for tagging me ;) I've done the done-to-death facebook version of this so it might take me a while to come up with ten new ones...

I'll be claiming my award as soon as I'm done.

M.J. said...

Thanks for sharing and for tagging me for this award! The honest scrap is one of my favorite blog awards out there because it challenges people to open up. You did a magnificent job of just that.

joe ordinary said...

thanks for your support folks. wasn't sure where this one was going but I'm glad it seems to have gotten there.

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